World coronavirus death count crosses 475,000, says reports - TNBC UK

According to an AFP tally from official sources, the number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus has surged past 475,000. The death count has risen two times  in two months. A total of 477,117 fatalities have been recorded from 9,263,743 cases across the globe.

All over the world, most countries have been affected by the coronavirus. Most of the countries imposed lockdown  to break the transmission chain of the virus. However, to save the economy several countries have partially resumed the economy. 

The United States is the worst-hit  country among all with the highest number of infections. On the other side, Europe remains the worst-hit region with 193,800 dead from 255761 cases. However, in America the number of deaths is 100,378 while the number of infections is 216835.

On Wednesday, Australia called its military  to tackle its coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne after a surge in infections that has rattled the country’s second-most populous city.

The country has a 25 million population, out of which 7500 people are affected by the coronavirus with 105 deaths. China is also registering new cases of coronavirus. On Tuesday, China’s health authority reported 29 newly coronavirus cases. As of now, China has reported 83,418 COVID-19  cases with 359 deaths.

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