Wife Of Ex-Nissan Boss Alleges “Mental Abuse” In Detention - TNBC UK

Once, Carole Ghosn was marching on the red carpet with the renowned auto industrial tycoon husband Carlos in front of the world media, with a VIP attitude. Currently, she is taking around the world for attending different political campaign for her partner who is now in custody, even though she is regularly going through into his legal worries.

The 52-year-old elegant long blonde hair has become a passionate representative for her husband, chiefly insisting his innocence as he drops in a Japanese detention center, combating multiple allegations for financial misconduct.

She has made an appeal to French President Emmanuel Macron to negotiate during discussions with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, claiming France should not “abandon” someone who as the leader of partial state-possessed Renault “loyally served his country.”

She has also involved to the White House ahead of Abe’s discussions with US President Donald Trump, claiming “hostage justice” of Japan was designed to hit the spirit of her husband and force him into signing a confession.

In an emotional interview with US media, Carole said her 65-year-old husband’s health condition is poor and also worsened by the mental tormenting in the custody center.

On 19th November, Carole was not with her husband while he was extent arrested on board his private jet at a Tokyo airport and was shocked after getting the news of thousands of kilometers away.

She was impeded from seeing her husband during her primary detention and kept substantially mum about his case. But she was always present after his release on bail on 6th March, establishing a home in a moderated apartment in central Tokyo.

Tokyo-based friends of the couple, despite the crowd of photographers, gathered outside their residential apartment – to visible disgust of Carlos at times.

The interval was very short while Carlos was rearrested on 4th April at dawn to reply on the further allegations – an event which “traumatized” her, according to her friend.

She has stated that morning in the several media interviews, insisting that prosecutors dragged every inch of their 50-square-meter apartment, searching her, searched her passport and even did not leave her into the bathroom. The French lawyer of the couple, Francois Zimeray, who admired her for her “dignity” under pressure. Using another passport, she urgently escaped Japan for France but came back within a few days later for confronting questioning and to present “ she had nothing to hide”. Her friend informed media, “ she has decided to fight for her husband because she loves him and she believes in his innocence. She won’t leave him because she knows that for him, his defense is the biggest challenge of his life.”

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