What's for lunch? The menu of Trump, Kim summit a blend of Western, Asian flavors - TNBC UK

Singapore (News Service) – The world is excited to lay hands on the Trump, Kim summit menu. What the two great leaders ate for lunch remains a mystery! Yet, one can find a catalog of the lunch menu of the U.S President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

The menu of Trump, Kim summit | TNBC UK

On Tuesday the summit between the duos was held at a historical vacation in Singapore. The menu was released by the White House displaying the two leaders squat down towards the starters that included of avocado salad, prawn cocktail, Southeast Asian Flavored green mango salad topped with honey lime dressing, fresh octopus, and a Korean fish stuffed cucumber.

While the main courses included beef short rib confit, served with potato dauphinoise and steamed broccoli; sweet and sour crispy pork and fried rice with an “XO” chili sauce. It also added a soy braised cod fish sprinkled with Asian vegetables and radish.

At the verdict, the leaders feasted on the dessert menu. Trump, Kim and their delegations preferred having dark chocolate tartlet ganache and vanilla ice cream with cream-filled pastry and tropezienne.

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