Watson Begins His Fight Against Obesity After Reading About The Premature Deaths Of British Politicians - TNBC UK

Tom Watson the deputy leader of the Labour Party recently told the media that the that the process of losing weight
compelled him to think that it was high time for Britain to do something to tackle obesity. Watson, 51, who lost more than six stone on a fitness regime said he was determined to take better care of his health after reading about the premature deaths Labour politicians The West Bromwich East MP, first elected in 2001, claimed that he was the thinnest among the leaders who entered the House of Commons. Watson added “ that first stopped the intake of sugar, refined sugar, and then started walking about 10,000 steps a day and using staircases instead of lifts and +when a bit more weight was reduced f he began to jog and cycle. He had gone through the incidents about the untimely deaths of politicians who died early in their 50s and 60s and became quite pensive, Hence He wanted to be healthy and realized that there was a lot of work to be done to improve public health and to combat the obesity crisis, Recent statistics revealed that England had a population of 10 million diabetic patients, and another 15 million were overweight. He also opined that it was unethical to ridicule people for their obesity’ and according to him this was a nutritional issue that retailers, manufacturers, public health officials and politicians should take seriously. He also urged the government to take measures to improve public health.

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