A British Asian gang of the fraudsters may have involvement in the abusing billions of pounds of British tax-payers money for sponsoring the terrorist networks in Pakistan, as well as Afganistan, claiming a UK media probe based on police and intelligence files. The gang, from London, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham, Scotland, and England, is claimed to have sent 1 percent of its acquiring from their elaborate tax fraud to Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afganistan, where it sponsored madrassas, other terrorist activities, training camps according to the  released files seen by ‘The Sunday Times’.

An approximated 80 million pounds is convinced to have been channeled out by the fraudsters as part of the detailed VAT  and benefits fraud against the revenue department of the UK over the past two decades, with further acquiring made through a legal agreement and credit card fraud targeting banks and the individuals.

As part of a two-year long investigation, the newspaper reports claimed, “ Secret intelligence held by MI5 states that some of the money reached the Pakistani compound that housed the Al-Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden before US forces stormed it in 2011”.

The gang, formed by British men of Asian-origin who cannot be termed due to court orders, allegedly intruded multiple Uk government agencies and even manipulated the local politicians.

Mid-ranking gang members have been punished to more than 100 years in prison for money laundering and fraud cases in a series of linked trials. Their crimes have allegedly cost the UK taxpayers an estimated 100 million pounds.

Broadcasting restrictions enforced at the beginning of the first trial blocked the identification of any of the gang because of a number of kingpins escaped the UK before they could be imprisoned and are now thought to be rooted in the Middle East.

The Crown Prosecution Service persists that details cannot be informed until the masterminds have come back to the face trial of UK.

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