Today afternoon, Vijay Mallya arrived at London Court for a hearing in his exile case, during which UK judge is supposed to reassess a video of Mumbai prison prepared by the Indian authorities.

62-years old ex-Kingfisher Airlines director Mr. Mallya has reached around 2 pm IST at the Westminster Magistrates Court.

Mr. Mallya has been on an extended bail warrant since his last arrest from last year’s April, replied to several reports gathering outside the Court in his own way, said that “Courts will decide”.

Vijay Mallya said, “As far as I am concerned, I have made a comprehensive settlement offer before the Karnataka High Court. I hope the honorable judges will consider it favorably; everybody gets paid off and I guess that’s the primary objective.” He is fighting extradition case with India over the allegations of money laundering scam amounted over Rs. 9,000 cores. Rs. 9,000 core

At the last hearing on July, London court asked Indian authorities to submit a video of Mumbai’s Arthur Road prison for “the avoidance of doubt” for the availability of natural light in the cell where Mr. Mallya is expected to detain for pre-trial, trail and if he found guilty by India courts.

Crown Prosecution Service, on behalf of the Indian government, argued over the matter to the request of the video but has been submitted to London Court.

Mallya’s defense team had asked an inspection of prison to ensure that it meets the human rights obligation of the UK, which is related to extradition proceedings.

CPS stressed the matter that “adequate material” offered by the Indian authority as for the review of London court. Judges are expected to hear the final closing over the case and after which everything will get clear.

Previously it was found that London court tried to guard Vijay Mallya over the money laundering case and his defence team has rejected the allegation imposed on him by the Indian authority.

Mallya’s defence team claims that he has no intention for “fraudulent” and he won’t get a fair train in India’s custody.

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