Three Britons And One South African Killed In Dubai Crash - TNBC UK

Four people have been murdered after a small aircraft crashed three miles to the South of Dubai International Airport. Three Britons and a South African were the UK-registered DA42 plane, according to the UAE authorities. The four-seat plane was possessed by Flight Calibration Services which is based at Shoreham Airport in West Sussex. The enterprise files around the world for inspecting and remark the navigation aids, which include radars and landing systems for airports and airfields.

The General Civil Aviation Authority claims a probe is under way. According to local media reports, the aircraft came down at nearly 19.30 is underway. According to the local media reports, the flight came down at closely 19.30 local time, killing a pilot, and a co-pilot along with two passengers. Flights were impeded and also redirected as the airport is one of the busiest international passenger traffic – which was closed for 45 minutes.

In a statement, the Foreign Office said, “we are working closely with the Emirati authorities following reports of a small aircraft crash in Dubai. ” US engineering and aerospace company Honeywell said it had appointed Flight Calibration Services and the DA42 plane for work in Dubai.

In a statement, Honeywell said, “ we are deeply saddened by today’s plane crash in Dubai, and our heartfelt condolences are with the victims’ families.”

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