Third Attempt Of Nirav Modi To Seek Bail Was Rejected, Reports - TNBC UK

Fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi’s three attempts to seek bail was rejected once again after his appointed lawyer claims that Indian authorities have seized $860 million of his funds and he does not have access to enough resources to run away.

Judge Emma Arbuthnot ordered that even Mr. Modi was willing to double his proposed security to $2.6 million, risks of destroying evidence and influencing witnesses remained too high. In 2017, the accused had also moved to London, so lacked the kind of community ties, which would make him more likely to stay while awaiting a decision on whether he should be deported to India, claims Judge Arbuthnot.

“I still have substantial grounds to find that he will refuse arrest and interfere with witnesses,” she said, adding that “He has access to resources.”

Since Nirav Modi’s arrest in March 19 by UK Police, Judge Arbuthnot has rejected twice, the bail petition of Mr. Modi . Mr. Modi who dressed stars including Dakota Johnson, Kate Winslet, and Priyanka Chopra has faced charges of fraudulently obtaining guarantees from Punjab National Bank , which were used later to obtain loans from abroad, reads the complaints filed by the lender.

She continued that Mr. Modi had destroyed servers and phones, was influencing a witness what to say and tempting others to elope to influence them with the help of associates.

Advocate Clare Montgomery told the judge that the funds of her client in India were seized and he had not threatened a potential witness, according to the report of the Indian government.

“Central parts of the claims made by the government of India are false,” said Advocate Montgomery, adding that “their efforts to describe him as a diabolical maniac or as a cold-blooded and hardened criminals are proven to be false.”

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