Pakistani Prime Minister is taking a world tour to “plead” for an act of financial assistance form a forthcoming economic crisis, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah told at the rally. A leader of the People’s Party of Pakistan Mr. Shah told, “ Imran Khan is going from country to country to beg (for financial aid).” Samaa TV broadcasted he made the comment at a rally in Matli, in Sindh province.
The Sindh Chief Minister said Mr. Khan has provided seats in the government to those without any experience in politics.

In the last week, UAE enlisted a financial assistance package worth of $6.2 billion to assist Pakistan in handling its balance-of-payment emergency. Dwan informed that the package will be declared by the Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the UAE, who came to Pakistan on Sunday on a two-day long tour.
The package includes $3.2 billion worth of oil contributes to calculated payment, in inclusion to a cash deposit worth of #3 billion.
Referring a source, Dawn broadcasted that the financial assistance package settled on 3rd January, was almost of the same size as that approved by Saudi Arabia in October in the last year.
The source stated the package would help Pakistan to save $7.9 billion on oil and gas imports, counting for more than 60% of annual oil report bill of about $12 billion, from Saudi Arabia and UAE.
Pakistan is also transacting with Quarter to attempt a reduction in the prices of liquefied natural gas.

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