Japanese foreign minister has told the media that he has been defining the two prospective conservative leaders for avoiding a no-deal Brexit. 

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Kono told that he knew Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt “very well” and had told them in meetings, “ please no-deal Brexit”.

He claimed trade discussions could not occur until the UK leaving the EU, without an agreement, he said. 

Concerning to the media ahead of the next G-20 meeting in Osaka, he said he had pleaded both Mr. Hunt – the current foreign secretary and his predecessor, Mr. Johnson to present clarity on Brexit.

He said, “ whenever we had a meeting, that was one of the major issues – please… no no-deal Brexit. He also added, “there are over 1,000 Japanese companies operating in the United Kingdom so we are very concerned with this no-deal Brexit. That would have  very negative impact on their operations.

He also added, “so whoever wins, whoever becomes a new leader for the UK, they would consider those foreign companies operating in the United Kingdom and take good care of it ”.

During the latest leadership campaign, Mr. Johnson has said he will get the UK out of the EU on 31 st October, but he thinks the scope of a no-deal Brexit occurring is a “million to one”.

Mr. Hunt professed that separation from EU `with no deal, but it is not actually a preferred option.

Mr Kono said Japan did not want to interrupt economic relations with the UK.

He also added, “so we’ve been asking the UK government, let the Japanese companies know what they can expect, and things should happen smoothly without any disruption ”.

He gave the example of a car manufacturer, concerned about the free flow of parts to the UK from the EU if there was a no-deal Brexit.

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