Iran has alleged Britain of breaking international law by seeking the ‘rare’ steps of granting diplomatic protection to a dual British-Iranian mother under custody in Tehran over spy allegations.

Today, UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that the decision of London to extend the special status to Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe amid at sending a “very strong message” to Iran.

However, Iran’s envoy to London claims that the decision “contravenes international law”.

On Thursday, Hamid Baeidinejad Tweeted: “UK Govt’s extension of diplomatic protection to Ms. Zaghari contravenes its law. Govts may only exercise such protection for own nationals.”

He further wrote, “As UK Govt is acutely aware, Iran does not recognize dual nationality. Irrespective of UK residency, Ms. Zaghari thus remains Iranian.”

Zaghari-Ratcliffe has also suffered from a range of health issues since being detained while leaving Tehran after taking her adolescent daughter on a family visit in April 2016.

Later, she was sentenced to 5-years for accused of toppling the Iranian government but she had denied all the charges.

In January, 40-years-old went on a brief hunger strike to protest a lack of proper medical aid under jail custody.

Today, her husband Richard claimed that she was suffering from “neurological problems”.

He told sources that “she was taken for an initial assessment to a doctor, who said she was surprised she was in prison given the health condition she was in.”

“So she’s obviously not in a great position,” added Richard.

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