In the dreadful bombing attacks in Sri Lanka, eight UK citizens were among the 290 killed people in bomb attacks on hotels and churches in Sri Lanka, according to the information of the High Commission of UK in Colombo on Monday. The victims  Anita Nicholson along with her 14 years old son Alex and her 11-year-old daughter Annabel, her husband, Ben Nicholson said in a statement. The three were killed in the bombing attack of the Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo, on Sunday he told.

Ben Nicholson, survived from the attack, told Anita was a “ wonderful, perfect wife and a brilliant, loving and inspirational mother to our two wonderful children”. He told, “ Alex and Annabel were the most amazing, intelligent, talented and thoughtful children and Anita and I were immensely proud of them both and look forward to seeing them develop into adulthood”.

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Cabinet Supports Uk Prime Minister’s Brexit Compromises Offer

Cabinet Supports Uk Prime Minister’s Brexit Compromises Offer

by Haimantee Ghosh May 21, 2019
The cabinet has given consent in the planning of the UK Prime Minister for the pulling back of the Agreement Bill, along with compromises proposed to attract the backing of Labour MPs. It embraces the concept of a temporary customs relationship until the next general election and measures on the environment and the right of the US workers. The bill will be introduced in a vote in early June, and...