UK Prime Minister Theresa May spoke to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for pressurizing on the significant action taken by of Pakistan against all the terrorist groups according to the Downing Street officials. In the telephonic conversation between two leaders, UK Prime Minister greeted the commitment of the Pakistani Prime Minister to make a resolution of the increasing tensions over the incident of capturing the Indian Air force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman by the authorities of Pakistan earlier this week.

The representative of Downing Street told, “ The Prime Minister spoke to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan today. She welcomed his commitment to reducing tensions with India and the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan”.

The representative told, “The leaders discussed the need to address the causes of this conflict. The UK Prime Minister emphasized the importance of Pakistan taking action against all terrorist groups, in support of global efforts to combat terrorism ”.

Both leaders also told, “reiterated their commitment”  to the bilateral relationship between UK and Pakistan during an interaction, which follows the increased tensions between India and Pakistan following a terrorist attack in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir on 14th February.

Pakistan-based jaish-e-Mohammed terror group had admitted the responsibility for the suicide attack in which 40 CRPF soldiers were killed.

Indian Air Force encountered operation against terror group, striking what it told was a JEM training camp in Balakot, deep inside Pakistan on 26th February. The next day, Pakistan counterattacked with a large air formation, instituting 24 fighter jets, including F-16s.

Wing Commander Vardhaman, who was in one of the eight MIG -21s which took part among the Air Force jets invading Pakistan and also shot down an F-16, was allow to leave at the Wagah border on Friday.

The UK government has persistently invited a de-escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan since Pulwama attack on 14th February, with senior government ministers detaining discussions with their counterparts in India and Pakistan.

British Foreign Minister Mark Field told the MPs that Britain would continue an assistance a listing of Jaish-e-Mohammed and its leader, Masood Azhar, under a UN Security Council Resolution.


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