Any scene of a hard Irish border after Brexit could hamper the trade deal between the United States and Uk, according to Democrats in Washington. Congressman Richard Neal, the new chairman of the committee responsible for the trade, has been presenting Foreign Minister of Ireland, Simon Coveney on Capitol Hill. According to the sayings of Irish-Americans now Democrats are controlling Congress and Brexit deal eroding the peace could cause hindering economic consequences for the UK. Democratic Congressman Brendan Boyle told, “ I think it would incredibly naive for anyone to think that there would be no impact if there was in any way backsliding from the Good Friday Agreement”.

He also added, “ Just as the United States was pivotal in the 1990s, we’re prepared again to make sure that we preserve the peace that has been achieved on the island of Ireland”.

Simon Coveney admired Richard Neal, a famous Irish-American himself, and the foreign minister professed that he believed London had knowledge about the influential congressman who had very real concerns.

He told, “He has been very clear, as have many others in Congress, that it is not acceptable that a peace process would potentially be undermined as an unintended consequence of Brexit ”.

He also added, “And they have made known that view I suspect to the British government in a very firm way. ”

There is no scrapping about the influence of the Irish in America- an evaluated 45 million of them. Nineteen of the 45 US Presidents have demanded about Irish ancestral.

There is no secrecy that some Irish-Americans subsidized the IRA but it is equally true that there would not have been peace proceedings without him. From Capitol Hill to the profusion of Irish pubs in New York, they are discussing Brexit and the border.






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