Gunmen Killed 11 People In Brazil’s Bar, Report - TNBC UK

On Sunday, gunmen shot at 11 people in a bar in Northern Brazil, reports an official.

The shot out took place in the city of Belem, informed the Public Safety Department of Northern Para State.

However, there were no immediate report on the motive behind the shooting.

Brazil Police alleged that most of the attackers had fled away from the spot but one was injured and presently under police custody.

News Website G1 said that among 11 dead- 5 are men and 6 women.

Seven gunmen has carried out the shooting after they arrived on a motorcycle and in three vehicles, said G1, adding that the convicts has fled away after the planned attack.

The Northern Brazilian Bar where the shooting took place is in a neighborhood that leads to police reinforcement to fight against the crime and get hold of the criminals.

Further details are awaited.

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