The Delhi High Court canceled an appeal of a 74 years old British National, who is wanted convict of human trafficking and child abuse case in the Philippines, against the affairs in a trial court here to expel him to that country.
The order was passed by a bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Is Mehta on the petition of Lennox James Ellis, who was imprisoned in Goa on 9th June in 2016 based on a Red Corner Notice issued by the Interpol at the instruction of the Philippine government.
Ellis has entered in the Tihar Jail since July 11th, 2016, where he was sent after being captured in a Goa jail over a month.
He had entered India on 15th January, in 2016 on a valid tourist visa and was imprisoned at the Goa airport while he was about to board a flight to Bangkok.
In his appeal through solicitor Sumeet Verma, Ellis had resisted that he could not be repatriated to the Philippines as the repatriation pact of India with that country was printed in the Official Gazette on 23rd August in 2016.
Therefore, the Extradition Act cannot be concerned to him from the time of his conviction, he had resisted.
He insisted that he had been imprisoned in India for around 17 months “ arbitrarily and illegally and without any legal basis whatsoever”.
Ellis also professed in his plea that the issue of his repatriation is between the UK and the Philippines, and “ India has no nexus whatsoever in this case”.

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