After observing the global climatic change, the international top scientific officials has suggested with a remarkable report related to weather change,that in the coming decades all the nations will have to take essential steps and actions in moderate level to reduce the emissions of carbon to save the world as the entire universe is standing on the bank of environmental disaster and devastation.

According to the global report, United States is in the second-largest position for emitting of carbon dioxide. To prevent the rapid warming level the Paris Agreement of 2015 is looking very simple and the world needs an essential transformation of the entire civilization. If emission stops today the temperature will not reach the lower level for that more scientific actions will be needed. So, it is the time to be awakening for the sustainability of the world.

Most importantly, the report says that the annual level of carbon emission in the entire world is more than 40 billion tons per year. Therefore, the overall reduction level in emission has to be 1 billion tons per year larger than recent carbon emission by 2050 to reach the normal temperature level for the sustainable world.

The executive director of the United Nations Environment  Programme, Erik Solheim told, “ It is like a deafening, pricing smoke alarm going off in the kitchen. We have to put out the fire. ” He added, “ the need to either stop emissions entirely by 2050 or find some way of removing as much carbon dioxide from the air as we put there means net zero must be the new global mantra. ”



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