On Wednesday, Beijing has confirmed that an employee of Britain consulate in Hong Kong went missing is being held in China. 

The incident was reported as relations between China and Britain have been drained over what Beijing has termed London’s “interference” in pro-democracy protests, which have afflicted Hong Kong for more than three months.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said that “the person you mentioned has been placed in administrative detention for 15 days as punishment” by Shenzhen Police for breaking a public security law.

Mr. Geng has said that the detained employee was from Hong Kong and the issue is an “internal matter”. 

“Let me clarify, this employee is a Hong Kong citizen, he’s not a UK citizen, which is also saying he’s a Chinese person,” said Mr. Geng. 

The victim was named by his family as Simon Cheng, has travelled to Shenzhen, which is a megacity lies on the China-Hong Kong Border, for a single day business meeting on August 8. 

 That night, Mr. Cheng has returned via high-speed train and sent messages to his girlfriend as he was about to go by customs. 

His family said in a Facebook post that “we lost contact with him since then.”

China has repeatedly warned Britain – the former Colonial Ruler of Hong Kong – against any “interference” in the protests that erupted 11 weeks ago and have highlighted millions of people hit the streets asking for democratic reforms. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Geng said at the press release that “recently the UK has made many erroneous remarks about Hong Kong.”

He continued, “We once again urge the British side to stop gesticulating and fanning the flames on the Hong Kong issue.”

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