China blamed Britain for being engaged in “incitement” and also lodged a severe complain, as a warship of British Royal Navy coasted close to the islands in the South China Sea at last month.

China expressed their anger as the HMS Albion, a towering and floating warship of 22,000 ton, transporting a contingent of Royal Marines and was passing by the Paracel Islands.

The Albion was on the way to Ho Chi Minh City, where this warship anchored on Monday, for pursuing a deployment around Japan.

Sources reported that Beijing shipped a combat ship along with two helicopters for challenging the British warship, lastly, both naval contingents maintained calmness during the confrontation.

Other sources claimed that Albion did not make any unlawful entry nearby the Paracel Islands crossing by the internationally restricted territorial limit. Twelve nautical miles around any maritime border or islands is considered as the territorial limit.

Though Paracels are entirely occupied by China, Taiwan and Vietnam also claimed the authority of this Island.

Foreign Ministry of China sent a statement to Reuters by fax saying that the Britain warship had crossed the international territorial limit around the Paracel Island and entered into Chinese territorial maritime without any indication on 31 August. As a strict reaction, Chinese naval contingent warned them for leaving as soon as possible.

The ministry also added, “ The relevant actions by the British ship violated Chinese law and relevant international law, and infringed on China’s sovereignty. China strongly opposes this and has lodged stern representations with the British side to express strong dissatisfaction. ”

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