Bullet Train Runs At 280 Km Per Hour With Doors Open In Japan - TNBC UK

On Wednesday, a Japanese bullet train speeding at 280 Kilometers per hour ran for around a minute with one of its doors totally wide open, said its operator.

Due to human error, this accident was a rare trouble for the Japanese “Shinkansen” bullet train that has a world-famous punctuality and safety record. 

The Tokyo-bound Hayabusa No. 46 bullet train urged for an emergency stop in a tunnel shortly after it left Sendai Station in Northeastern Japan when the conductor saw a warning alert with the door of the 9th carriage was wide open, informed the East Japan Railway. 

A company spokesperson told sources that “the conductor checked the carriage and found that the door was completely open.”

He said, “Some 340 passengers were on board but no one was injured,” adding that the bullet train has resumed its journey after a check-up.

He continued, “The incident occurred after a janitor mistakenly left the carriage door unlocked so that they could manually open and close.”

The spokesman further said, “We sincerely apologise for the incident,” adding that the company will take necessary steps to prevent it happening again.

Japan is a pioneer in developing high-speed rail networks, praised for their safety and punctuality measures, including emergency stop system, which is designed with automatically slow down features before a major earthquake strikes. 

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