On Tuesday, a British woman was accused of stabbing her husband in his chest on the Malaysian holiday Island of Langkawi, with her lawyer’s reports that the convict felt “overwhelmed”.

51-years old Samantha Jones appeared in the court of an island. She was guilty of killing her husband, John William Jones was found with the stabbing wound in his chest, earlier this month in their residence.

The charge of murder was read out by the court official, who is punishable with a mandatory death sentence by hanging in Malaysia. Mrs. Jones indicates that she understood it but did not want to enter a plea.

On October 18, the convict was alleged of committing the murder of her husband.

Lawyer of the convict, Sangeet Kaur Deo said that Mrs. Jones is “very, very overwhelmed,” after her husband’s murder.

She said to reporters outside the Magistrates court that “It is her husband at the end of the day. So she’s also grieving for him despite the circumstances of the case.”

The British couple had been living in northwest Malaysia’s jungle-clad island for the past 11-years. The place is attracted to millions of tourists for its wonderful sea-beach and every year more than a million people visit the place to experience the view.

Police report that Mrs. Jones is accused of killing her 62-years old husband after a row. On the floor, where the victim was found lying, a blood-stained knife was discovered following which the arrest of the lady was made.

On November 29, Mrs. Jones will again appear in the court. However, the convict’s lawyer reported that the case is not yet ready for the trial as an investigation team is still collecting documents in order.

The government of Malaysia has assured to abolish the death penalty. However, for several crimes, it is still mandatory but layers have to vote whether to approve the changes through by the Malaysian government.

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