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Britain’s post-Brexit has proposed a new skill-based immigration system, which will remove the cap on skilled worker visas will benefit Indian, emphasized a team of British government officials during the discussion with officials of the Indian government.

The discussion gave a signal to a new phase of cooperation and acted as a seminar to discuss opportunities with the aim to strengthen the bilateral relations, reads a statement issued by the British High Commission.

The statement continued, “The migration dialogue allowed UK government officials to engage directly with their Indian counterparts on UK’s plans for a new single, skills-based immigration system after Brexit.”

“In addition, the UK government held round table events with key figures from the corporate, business and education sectors in India to gather insight and highlight how the new system will benefit them,” it further added.

While conversing with the Indian officials, the British team has emphasized at the new skill-based immigration system that offers an important opportunity to Indian nationals, mainly to students and skilled workers.

It further came into focus that the existing British visa system already offers good services for Indian, with around one in five of all British visas allowed to Indian nationals.  

The British officials claim that their government continued to work towards a more modern and effective returns arrangements with India, which will support an intensified migration partnership broadly.

The UK High Commission said that “the UK government wants to encourage skilled workers to come to live and work in the UK and has proposed to abolish the cap on its new skilled visa route when the new system comes into effect in 2021.”

It further stated, “These proposals mean that there would be no limit on the number of skilled people, such as engineers, doctors and IT professionals, who can come to live and work in the UK,” adding that it will allow people globally to come to the UK for work or to study and also to visit the nation.

In comments following the talks, British Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said that her nation has already issued skilled worker visas to India than compared to the rest of the world.

Under the new system, Ms. Nokes claims that operation from 2021 will always be open to brightest and best from India and people who wish to come to work and live in the United Kingdom.

Citing the migration partnership between India and the UK, which is a priority for the country, British High Commissioner to India Dominic Asquith said that India is the first country, outside of the European Union, that the UK is consulting on its new migration policy.

Asquith said that “these talks are central to developing closer bilateral cooperation, with policies promoting skilled work and international students playing a major role in new UK proposals.”

He continued, “We’ll also be continuing our discussions on handling Indian nationals who are in the UK illegally.”

The UK government had released a white paper on the proposed new immigration policy before the last year Christmas.

The key announcement include the removing of cap on numbers for skilled workers, allowing students- both post and undergraduate, removing the Resident Labour Market Test for highly-skilled workers, permitting students to stay in the country for an extended period of six months after graduation, and also to make easier the switch on to a skilled visa work visa at the end of their course for students.

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