China supposed that Britain to stand apart and not take sides in the South China Sea, respect China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, reports China government’s top diplomat to the foreign minister of Britain.

After the British Royal Navy’s warship, Beijing showed anger to close sail to islands and requested by China in the late last month by the South China Sea. It farther said that Britain was involved in “provocation” that it filed a strong complaint against the country.

After the naval operation, China also warned Britain that the ties can be at risk.

State Councillor of China, Wang Yi met British Foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt on the sidelines in New York at UN meeting yesterday. It stated that China’s “stern position” on the South China Sea, said Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

Wang stated that China “hopes that Britain will truly implement its position of not taking sides in the South China Sea issue, earnestly respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and not do anything to disturb mutual trust between the two countries.”

Britain and China, both the nations discussed of a ‘golden ear’ of relations, which was agreed on last month to look forward at the possibility to reach a ‘top-notch’ regarding the free-trade deal of post-Brexit and promised a significant political win for the conservative government of Britain.

China’s words over Wang’s meeting with Hunt did not mention specifically about Brexit or regarding the free trade deal between both the nations.

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