What is the actual incident, hidden, behind the mysterious death of the British couple at Egyptian Red Sea Resort, in their own hotel room?

The millions of tourists from different countries, the travel agents of that victim couple and also the British and Egyptian authorities raised this question. The answer can be disclosed in next week, as the top executives of the renowned travel agency, the couple used to book for their trip, and also Egyptian authorities have taken a vow to find the actual reason of this unfortunate incident through the strict investigations.


Above all the question and answers, this unfortunate death created a major interruption in the tourism business sector of Egypt, which is the fundamental source of acquiring foreign currency in this country.

Along with daughter and three grandchildren, the British couple John and Susan Cooper reached in the idyllic city of Hurghada, on the tour arranged by Thomas Cook, an international travel agency of Britain. In the photos posted on social media, by the couple, they are seen smiling and tanned at Steigenberger Aqua Magic hotel, before a couple of hours of their death.

Kelly Ormerod, the daughter of the victim British couple, said at Sky News, that she mate her parents lastly around 1.30 am after a family meal on Tuesday. Later, she discovered her parents ill.

In an immediate statement, Egyptian authorities informed that John Cooper of 69, had died at 11 am in his hotel room due to sudden failure of heart and respiratory systems, and Susan Cooper of 63 was sent to the hospital in a senseless condition and she died after 5 pm. due to heart failure.

But the daughter of the British couple is not ready to believe that her parents died of natural causes.

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