Low-skilled workers from the countries of EU will have not automatic right any more to work in the UK after Brexit, under suggested new immigration rules. Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the plans – to be published later – will not add a “specific target” for decreasing numbers coming into the UK. But they would bring total migration down to “sustainable levels” according to him in the 4’s Today programme on BBC Radio. He added, there was “no reason to think ” the planning would harm the economy. Saying frequently if the government was clinging to its proclamation commitment for bringing annual net migration down to the tens of thousands, Mr Javid would only say “ the objective is to bring net migration down to more sustainable levels”. Pursuing Mr Javid’s interview, the sources of the Drowning Street said the manifesto commitment to deducting entire migration to the tens of thousands remains.

The home secretary said most people would approve the current level, 273,000 was “very high” and it should be cut to a level that  “ meets first our economic need but at the same time is not too high a burden on our communities or infrastructure”.

He said the new system of immigration would be based on skills rather than where people came from and maybe the “largest shake-up in 40 years”.

The much-lag White Paper is hoped to include:


Discarding the current cap on the number of skilled workers such as doctors or engineers from the EU and elsewhere. A deliberation on a minimum salary requirement of £30,000 for skilled migrants asking five-year visas. Low-skilled workers may be able to implement for short-term visas of up to a year. Plans to phase in the new system from 2012.

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