The teenager Kirstie was sleeping along with her brother and sister while their mother Natalie Hemming has been killed by Paul Hemming. In the words of 14 years old teenage, it was very important to get support and help at school.

The scheme displays authorities have guided the schools in England and Wales more than 46,000 times in a year to provide support against the domestic abusive incidents.

Operation Encompass aimed to ensure that the police or the council would inform the school before the starting of the lessons of the day about the incident in which the pupils have been exposed at night at home. The strategy fairly can make sure about the appropriate assistance which should be provided to the child according to their need.

Teenage Kirstie at her 12 witnessed to be tortured to death in the family home in Milton Keynes in 2016 by Hemming who was the father of her two siblings.

Waking up her younger brother appeared downstairs to witness his father was washing the floor in the living room while his mother’s body had been enwrapped in a rug. Paul Hemming who deserted his mother’s body in Woodland had been imprisoned for at least 20 years. The teenager who is now living in West Yorkshire, being brought up by her aunt told that she had to face enough strain on her learning due to domestic violence.

She also said, “There was just so much going on around me and it distracted me all the time and it would keep me up at night meaning I was tired the next day at school”.

Kirstie, who is now undergoing through a training to be an ambassador of domestic violence in her school stated that Operation Encompass was major to provide a voice to the child victims.

She said, “When you go through something like that you need the support and you need someone to talk to and someone to help you”.

Operation Encompass was firstly established in 2011 in Cornwall by Elisabeth Carney Haworth who is a primary school headteacher and her husband David who is a former police officer.

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