United Kingdom Braces For Coldest Winter In 30-Years, Scientists - TNBC UK

The United Kingdom is likely to experience one of the coldest winters in 30-years, alert raised by scientists. 

After evaluating current sea temperatures and weather systems over the North Atlantic, the scientists have raised the warnings, said The Daily Mail

The team is led by Professor Mark Saunders, told sources that “this would rank the 2020 January-February central England temperature as the coldest winter since 2013 and January-February 2020 as the seventh coldest winter in the past 30 years.”

Freezing Arctic air is set to drop on Britain in the first months of the coming year as the Gulf Stream will sidestep the United Kingdom, leaving the nation without the rise in temperature it normally brings to the British Isles from the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Sea. 

According to the report of the climate prediction experts at University College London, ahead of the cold blast, the warm temperature is on the way, with several forecasters recommending that it could be the hottest September on record, with high of 26-degrees Celsius. 

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