After surveying the 70 major towns and cities of UK, the report stated that the high streets of Britain are getting unhealthier. The Royal Society for Public Health rated High Streets with more bookmakers, fast food outlets, tanning salons, payday lenders for worst congestions.

Walsall and Blackpool are listed as unhealthy High Street by Grimsby while Edinburgh, Taunton and Canterbury get the recognition of healthiest outlets. There is a vivid link between the underprivileged areas and unhealthy High Streets. The outlets which are classified as healthy includes the libraries, health services, museums, art galleries and leisure centres.

The report appraised the pubs and bars as a positive exposure on the high streets because of those plays important role in social recreation. However, the pubs are reduced as most of the people uses the coffee shops as the centre of socialization. Most of the fast-food outlets on the streets of UK have inclined mostly in the underprivileged area between 2014 and 2017.

The high streets of London were not evaluated in the report as those have been ranked separately. The reports depict a vivid image of the fast-changing High Street of Britain ruled by cafes, convenience stores, vape shops, off-licences and the bordered-up premises and more.

The Chief Executive of  Royal Society for Public Health rated High Streets said, “When our time and money are converted into a loss at the bookmaker, a tan from a sunbed, a high-cost loan or a bucket of fried chicken, the High Street is enabling and supporting poor health behaviours”.

“Our Health on the High Street rankings illustrate how unhealthy businesses concentrate in areas which already experience higher levels of deprivation, obesity and lower life expectancy.

“Reshaping these High Streets to be more health-promoting could serve as a tool to help redress this imbalance.”

The Royal Society for Public Health rated High Streets is focussing on the measures including requesting the local authorities to make the untenanted properties accessible for the public like community centres and art galleries.

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