The Equality and Justice Fund has been sponsored by the superstars including Keira Knightley and Jodie Whittaker and Emma Watson.

The second acknowledgement was provided to seven organizations of UK which help distressed women who are the victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

Watson, the superstar of Harry Potter sequels said, “it was just the beginning”. He contributed earlier this year £ 1m to the fund.S he also added that the acknowledgements were “ pivotal in supporting the dynamic work of vital UK women’s organizations”.

Around totally after one year the first #Me Too tweet – the Equality and Justice Fund awarded £1,027,699 to seven women’s associations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. These were the acknowledgements to be awarded from the fund. The next receivers will be declared in November.

In Northern Ireland, the Women’s Aid  Federation will accept the amount of £200,000 to settle a pilot rape crisis service after a pause of 12 years.

Knightley said, “ To be able to fund the first rape crisis service provision in Northern Ireland for 12 years feels like a huge step forward. I hope we can continue to raise funds to support more of the front-line organizations doing such critical work with woman and girls across the UK”.

The acknowledgements received by other organizations include:

  • Nearly £200,000 to Rights of Women .for establishing a confidential and free helpline directed by female lawyers who provide specialist legal advice according to the case.
  • More than £88,000 to Welsh Women’s Aid for providing training to the women’s support services across Wales.
  • More than £130,000 to London Black Women’s Project, to provide the specific advice to migrant and black ancestral minority women.

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