UK Prime Minister Take Vow To End “Postcode Lottery” For Domestic Abuse Victims With Their Children - TNBC UK

Almost thousands of victims who have been affected by domestic abuse will be safeguarded by a new legal duty for councils for providing safe homes for them and their children. UK Prime Minister Theresa May claims the move was supported by sponsoring, will direct an end the “postcode lottery” across the country and bolster protection for those getting help in the Domestic Abuse Bill being pondered by MPs.

The UK Prime Minister said, “ I’ve always vowed to leave no stone unturned in tackling domestic abuse – this abhorrent crime has no place in our country.” She also added, “today we are ending the postcode lottery by placing on local authorities a legal duty to deliver support, including secure housing, to survivors of domestic abuse and their children.”

According to her, “whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever the abuse you face, you will have access to the services you need to be safe. ”

The Domestic Abuse Bill will initiate the first-ever required government definition of domestic abuse to include specifically economic abuse and regulating and manipulative non-physical abuse.

It will start a new Domestic Abuse Commissioner and ban the cross-examination by their abuser to the victims in family courts. The Chief executive of Refuge, Sandra Horley claimed the decision could secure “life-saving services”. She also added, “ Refuge is delighted by the government’s decision to place a legal duty on local authorities to provide funding for accommodation based support for survivors of domestic abuse. This has the potential to end the postcode lottery for refuge places and could put these life-saving services on a secure financial footing for the first time.”

The responsible co-Chief executive of Women’s Aid, Nicki Norman said many of her services members were shipping services on “a shoestring budget”, so a move to consistent, dedicated funding is “desperately needed”.

According to her, protections for ensuring that knowledgable women’s services along with smaller specialist organizations directed by and the black and minority ethnic women – are sponsored sustainably through a latest required system will be vital.

She also claimed, “we look forward to working with the government to ensure that this important move to fund refuges is safe, sustainable and delivers the resources that services urgently require to support all women and children fleeing domestic abuse. ”

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