UK Prime Minister Theresa May asked the MPs for more time to try and rescue her Brexit deal with the EU in what the opposition told was a scheme to “ run down the clock”.

Theresa May amended parliament following a series of the last quota of meetings held in Belfast, in Brussels, and Dublin despite EU leaders command that they will not negotiate again on the deal they had already bang with her. On 29th March Britain is due to leave the European Union a disorderly exit could generate chaos.

Theresa May told the legislators, “The talks are at a crucial stage. We now all need to hold our nerve to get the changes this house requires and deliver Brexit on time ”. She told, “ Having secured an agreement with the EU for further talks, we now need some time to complete that process”.

The statement of the UK Prime minister was seen by the political commentators as a venture to disable any parliamentary rebellion in a series of votes on the Brexit strategy of May to be held.

The UK Prime Minister committed to MPs another chance to vote on 27th February, on what should decide on the no-deal deadlock.

After confronting an overwhelming rejection by MPs in the last month the Brexit deal struck between Theresa May and Brussels for the exit of Britain from the EU.

Pro-Brexit MPs among the Conservative Party are not satisfied particularly with a standpoint provision expected to keep the border free-flowing with Ireland. It could push Britain for some fear trapped trade rules permanently with no withdrawal mechanism.




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