UK Man Drowned At Schwarzindien Beach Getting Cramp In Foot - TNBC UK

A 33-year-old British man died after having a cramp in his foot while he was swimming in a lake, informed police. The man drowned at the Schwarzindien beach area in Mondsee on Wednesday.

The man was accompanied by a 36-year-old woman who also belonged to the UK. When he disappeared below the surface after saying he was in pain, the woman was present there.

Police aid, after the woman found that he did not come back, she “screamed for help”.

However, other swimmers, present there tried to help but his body was recovered at around 4.30 pm local time.

Cramp is an involuntary muscle contraction which can be sudden and very painful – it is associated with exercise and dehydration.

Usually, such physical problem lasts from a few seconds to 10 minutes which can make hard for you to move. Sometimes it goes away on its own otherwise one can do a little bit stretching and massaging the muscles.

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