Tory Brexiteers Could Threaten About the Another Defeat UK Prime Minister - TNBC UK

The UK government could be confronting another humiliating parliamentary defeat after a group of Tory opposition recommended they were ready to insurgent in a Brexit vote later today.

The movement told the House of Commons to “reiterate its support” for what was agreed in a previous set of votes two weeks ago. In that vote, MPs passed a modification requiring the prime minister to ask changes to the Irish backstop in the latest settlements with Brussels but also saw a predominance for a modification which ruled the departure from EU without a deal.

A group of Tory Brexiteers has told they can not vote for the motion later if in the proceedings they would reject a no-deal Brexit.

The Brexiteer Conservative MP of Mansfield, Ben Bradley told, “I do think it’s important to make clear to the government that’s not what we’re supporting ”.

Mr. Bradley told the media , “There will be discussions that happen over the course of the time before the vote, to figure out if the motion needs to change or maybe there needs to be some clarification, but we don’t want to give government or people in the future the ability to come back and say actually Brexiteers voted to take no deal off the table, because that’s not the case ”.

An envoy from the European Research Group, the strict-line Brexiteer wing of the Conservative party, ventured to influence the Chief whip of the government for making last-minute changes to the motion, but with no success.

Downing Street has refused the motion, which has been discussed by the name of Theresa May who would take a no-deal on Brexit issue on the table.

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