To Stop Brexit, British Psychic Advised To Use Mass-Telepathy - TNBC UK

British psychic Uri Geller wants to bend UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s will against Brexit, advised use of mass-telepathy.
Mr. Geller is also a British citizen and ex-resident of PM May’s Maidenhead Constituency. From his home in Israel, he wrote an open letter to the PM, urges her to block the nation’s exit from the EU (European Union).
Now, Mr. Geller wants Britons to join him in 20daily bursts of mass-telepathy directed by Conservation leader, with the hope of inspiring the British Prime Minister to call for a second Brexit referendum.
The spoon-bending psychic told sources that “maybe I’m a bit too late but at least I’m trying my best to use my paranormal abilities because I’m very concerned that Theresa May will step out of EU.”
He continued, “That would be tragic. It would be catastrophic, especially for young people. There’ll be economic chaos. I’m calling it a catastrophe and I feel it … call it extra-sensory perception.”
Uri Geller came in Britain with a series of appearances on Prime Time Television, when he pulled off stunts, mainly includes spoon bending, claims the only technique that he used was the mind power.

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