A new law has passed on Monday in the UK that creates new vibes and circumstances. Recently, The Prime Minister Theresa May said that High Street Chains including Prezzo, Strada and Zizzi will be forced to pass on all services to workers. The steps have taken as follow the yowl over the practice by some restaurants of skimming off a share of tips.

One of the workers, Jeremy Corbyn revealed that a Labour government would legislate to assure workers Keep 100% of their tips. This practice was seized because it has seen that tips deducted by some businesses. Another labour said that the government had copied another of its policies, which the party announced in June.

On the same note, Sajid Javid a business secretary said that tips should go in full to waiting for staff and announced proposals to stop employers deductions from them, but stopped short of legislating.

Hence, Mrs May has revealed that “ tough” legislation, which would apply in England, Scotland and Wales, was part of the government’s push to end exploitative practices.

TGI Fridays workers held a series of strikes this year over a new policy that redistributes customers tips from waiters to Kitchen staff. According to the survey, there are about 150,000 hotels, pubs and restaurants in the UK, employing about two million people.

After the pass of the policy Rebecca Long- Bailey Shadow business secretary mentioned that it was the fourth policy that the Conservatives had copied from labour. She added, “ It is shame that Unite have had no fight so hard to extract this concession from Tories.”

In the meanwhile, Dave Turnbull Unite regional officer has said over the matter that “ cracking down tripping abuses was a long overdose and the union would seek assurances that the legislation truly delivered fair tips.

He further added that “ there will be question marks as to whether it will deal with the myriad of scams some restaurants use to pilfer staff tips to boost their profits, in addition to dealing with the unjust situation at TGI Fridays, who use tips left waiting staff to subsidise the low wages of skilled kitchen staff”

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