UK Prime Minister Theresa May will meet the leaders of Europe, as well as EU officials later discusses getting at recovering her Brexit deal. She will hold discussions with Dutch PM Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel of Germany after halting the final vote on the deal.

The UK Prime Minister said she requires “further assurances ”about the border of Northern Ireland plan for getting Commons backing.

European Council President Donald Trump directed the EU would “not renegotiate” but said leaders would converse how to assist to “ facilitate UK ratification”.

Secretary of work and Pension department, Amber Rudd said further talks with Brussels would aim at the Brexit “backstop” on the Irish border, which Mrs May earlier acknowledged had caused MPs “widespread and deep concern”.

The rapid U-turn of PM – after days of frequent persistency that the vote would go ahead triggered Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to secure a three-hour long emergency discussion.

Mr Corbyn who earlier charged Mrs May of “ losing control of events”, said, “It cannot be right that the government can unilaterally alter the arrangements ”.

No date has been fixed for the Brexit deal to again be a push before MPs, although Mrs May directed the final deadline for the vote on 21st January. Prominent Conservative Brexiteer Jacob Rees -Mogg said Mrs May required the “gumption” to put her “undeliverable” deal before MPs.

He is trying to push Tory MPs to submit documents of no confidence in the PM to aim a leadership contest. The Times described that Crispin Blunt became the 26th MP to do so on Monday. Mr Blunt told the paper, “I want to encourage those who are thinking about it; get it done ”.

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Replacing Theresa May, Boris Johnson Going To Be Next Prime Minister Of UK

Replacing Theresa May, Boris Johnson Going To Be Next Prime Minister Of UK

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