Theresa May will confront Commons firstly since her Brexit plan has been rejected by EU, in between the escalating pressure from some MPs of Tory to change the course. Before one week, in a climacteric meeting with Eu leaders, the Prime Minister did not show any kind of indication of ditching her proposals.

David Davis, the former Secretary of Brexit has alerted of election-centric outcome for the party if she insists to implement her model for trade with EU. But ministers told the UK and Eu were “closing in on workable solutions.”

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary told BBC Radio 4 that the entire nation should follow Theresa May as she efforted to get the best deal for the nation even in “ difficult circumstances”.

Despite the upcoming departure of UK from EU in March 2019, any kind of deal is not signed between two sides on how detachment plan will work and what their prospective relationship will resemble.


Extreme debates are taking the position to try to reach a decision of comprising by November- with the EU set to estimate the proceedings made at a European Council summit in the next week.


As the UK rakes up its compositions for the risk factor of a no-deal exit,  the Housing Ministry Communities and Local Government is appointing three “resilience advisers”  to schedule plan for the deal with any interruption of local services.

The posts offer as per the job advertisement on the website, are “ exciting and challenging opportunities for self-starters”. The applicants will be appointed initially for the duration of nine months but their contracts can be extended beyond 2019 June or offered the permanent designation according to the circumstances.


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Plan To Block No Deal ‘Could Involve Queen’, Brexit

Plan To Block No Deal ‘Could Involve Queen’, Brexit

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