The wife of the British academic who had been imprisoned for reportedly spying in the UAE  got the release is “overwhelming” and she is really grateful to the country “saw it in their hearts to have compassion ”.

Daniela Tejada professed her thrill as the authorities took the decision to free Matthew Hedges from the prison was a “ very sudden, very happy surprise”. She said, “ We were just starting our lives, so I’m thankful this opportunity has been given back to us”.

The 30 years old British Academic said he was visited in the United Arab Emirates as the requirements of his PhD studies, but prosecutor claimed that has was “100% a full-time secret service operative ”. His wife stated she can not understand how they reached such a conclusion.

In the last week, Mr Hedges who was sentenced to life in prison had been impeded at Dubai airport on 5th May and was pushed to an insane mental state. According to the UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt who interfered in the case – said the resolution for pardoning the academic was “fantastic news”.

Ms Tejada said she wanted the first thing she to do while Mr Hedges returns to the home in the UK is set a “winter barbecue”. She said, “We had it postponed from the spring, so hopefully we’ll get to catch up on some sleep and have our winter barbecue ”.

In a news, the earlier conference showed an official video  – seen by media source – pretending to show Mr Hedges admitting the accusations, in which he said he was a member of MI6. The diplomatic editor of Dominic Waghorn said the officials of UAE claimed: “ the clips were evidence Mr Hedges was a spy ”.

Waghorn added: “ They could equally be a man saying whatever was required to get him out of a terrible ordeal. One detail was telling. Asked what rank he was in the MI6 he said ‘captain’. MI6 officers and agents do not have ranks.” 

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