Travel in the various parts of UK could be disrupted by the affecting power of the Storm Gareth which could cause power cuts, as well as flooding and strong winds are set to thrash the parts of UK.

According to the notice of the Met Office severe weather alerts has been confirmed as another named storm will hit on Tuesday. A yellow weather alert for rain is in place in the regions of the North West, which the Met office could cause flooding in dome accommodation housing region and longer journey times.

Strong alert for wind has been executed in real from late Tuesday evening across Northern Ireland and the massive swathes of Mainland Britain, including the entire England and Wales and the coastal regions of West Scotland.

Met office Chief, a meteorologist, Paul Gundersen, told, “The strong north-westerly winds will also affect southwest Scotland late on Tuesday, spreading across much of England and Wales through Wednesday ”.

He added, “ Gusts of 50 to 55 mph (80 to 88 km h) are likely inland and up to 65 mph (104 km h) along western coasts”.

“Winds will gradually ease during the afternoon.”

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