Two people died in a terrible crash between a lorry and a minibus which was returning from a school where the autism students go for study, on the M4 motorway. All the victims who were travelling in the minibus were the staff of the  Prior’s Court School.

The leading eastern carriageway of the M4 was sealed for more than nine hours due to the crash on Berkshire, on Thursday.

After getting the confirmation from the school, it is known that three adults and other three members of the staff were also in the minibus.

According to the South Central Ambulance Service, the three staff members of the school were admitted to the hospitals in Oxford and Bristol as they were suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Prior’s Court told in a Statement the crash which was happened on the east leading carriageway between the Hungerford’s junction 14 and Newbury’s junction 13,  was entirely devastating.

The officials of Thames Valley Police requested to contact with them if anyone has the footage of the fatal accident so that the actual incident can be disclosed. The lorry driver was also taken to hospital after suffering minor injuries.

The Chief executive of Prior’s Court, Mike Robinson said, “ I send my deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the two people who lost their lives”.

“At this time, there are three further staff members receiving treatment and my thoughts are very much with them and their families.”

“In such tragic circumstances, we are grateful that all the young people involved are safe and without serious injuries, and will be doing everything we can to safeguard their wellbeing at a hospital and upon their return.”

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