The Overseas Office is asking to compensate the cost of retrieving young women who have been pushed into marriage in the overseas, it has been disclosed, inducing charities to condemn the government for making women “pay for their protection”. An inspection discovered that many of the 82 victims of pressurized marriage retrieved in 2016-2017 had to pay for living costs have to undergo between making distress calls and returning home, as well as their airfare, while others accepted loans from the foreign office.

They had to leave their passports as a circumstance of the loan until they repaid the debt, with a mark added to overdue bills after six months. Four young British women imprisoned and maltreated at a “correctional” religious school in Somalia ahead of assumed forceful marriages told the media, they each had to pay £740 to come back home, where the overload of the loans reportedly contributed towards them becoming distressed.

The establisher of Southall Black Sisters, Pragna Patel told in media about the charities which helps women to be disappeared from forceful marriage, including , “These are vulnerable young women who have been taken abroad through no fault of their own and forced into slavery, and yet they are being asked to pay for their protection. It can’t be right. Protecting victims from forced marriage must be seen as a fundamental right and not a profit-making business. ”

In Mach 2017, the Foreign Office declared it would modify its repatriation policy so that British 16- and 17 years old who got into difficulty overseas would no longer have to compensate the government the costs of their journey home.

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