The England cricketer Ben Stoke was the main culprit behind the nightclub fight, reports source.

On September 2017, Durham was one of all the three, who was accused of Bristol fight. Bristol Crown Court previously head that 28-years Ryan Ali and 27-years Ryan Hale got unconsciously knocked down by Mr. Stokes of 27-years, who was the initiator of the fight. Along with the cricketer, Mr. Ali and Mr. Hale are also on trial but found less guilt.

An off-duty Police Officer Mark Spure was the witness of the incident. He expressed that after he left the nightclub, he found “three to five” people were involved in fighting on a nearby street. Mr. Spure in a statement said that he tried to separate the men involved in fighting, he says, “The individual seemed to be the main aggressor or was progressing forward trying to get to another individual.” He continued, “In my statement, I describe him as a gentleman with ginger or light brown hair. He had a green t-shirt on.”

The main aggressor behind the night club fight was Ben Stokes

He added that “Mr. Ali seemed to be trying to back away or get away from the situation” before he was punched by Mr. Stokes.”

Mr. Spure reports to the court that he tried to move out the road to Mr. Ali but could do so. The jury heard the statement of the witness and then ordered the Police officers to arrest the England cricketer.

Mr. Stokes was guilty of hitting Mr. Hale, who knocked down to the ground and then unconsciously rendered a punch to Mr. Ali, which was also witnessed by Mr. Spure.

“Squaring UP”

Mr. Ali during the fight suffered a left eye socket frustrate, cuts, cracked tooth, and bruises, while Mr. Hale has cuts in his forehand and suffered bruising, reports the source to the jury.

Mr. Stokes after investigating the footage was produced in front of the jury on the court.

PC Stacey Alway reports the court about the “squaring up” of the cricketer with a group of men over the road outside the nightclub, when she tried to resolve the issue. She says, “I didn’t know who these males were because I was unable to identify them.” She added, “From the moment I approached [Mr. Stokes] he calmed down and he was completely compliant with me.”

The main aggressor behind the night club fight was Ben Stokes

The court hears Mr. Stokes was said by PC Alway that “a guy over there was covered in blood and I’ve been told you punched him”, he responded that “because he was abusing my two friends for being gay”.

Mr. Hale reports PC Alway that he wants not the part of the fight and could not even see it, reports the court. Mr. Hale told her that “I came after you guys turned up.”

Mr. Stokes was immediately arrested and PC Alway asked Mr. Hale to leave the spot, he responded: “I feel bad. He’s my best friend. I saw him after everything happened.”

Mr. Ali of Bristol, Mr. Stokes of Castle Eden and Mr. Hale of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, all of the three denied the charge of the serious fight. Therefore, the trial will continue to get clear about the knowledge of the incident.

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