The Dutch husband of UK teenager who fled away leaving Britain for joining ISIS, Yago Riedijk claims the two should come back to the Netherlands with their child. Riedijk and Begum got married in 2015 after her arrival in the territory controlled by the Islamic State in Syria. Shamima Begum, a British national was 15 years old, while Riedijk was 23 had joined the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS emerged in 2004.

Now while the self-proclaimed “caliphate” is to decay and two of her three children is dead, the 19 years old Begum claims she wants to come back to Britain.

But British Home Secretary Sajid Javid told in the last month that he would sack her from her British citizenship although he later told that he would not clarify any individual outcasted citizen.

Shamima Begum had escaped from Britain four years ago for becoming an “ISIS bride”. In an interview with the BBC, Riedijk told, “ We sat down and she seemed in a good state of mind. It was her own choice; she was the one who asked to look for a partner for her.

He a; so told, “Then I was invited and, yeah, she was very young and it might have been better for her to wait a bit, but she didn’t – she chose to get married and I chose to marry her.

British governmental caution on the matter of citizenship was extended in 2014, such that the government can overrule the citizenship of a person if it has reason to believe that person can become a national of another country.

Riedijk told he desired to bring back his wife and child to the Netherlands they could lead a “moderate Muslim life”.

But While Riedijk may understand Shamima Begum have gotten married with her own agreement, the Netherlands may not acknowledge their union, as she was inexperienced at that time.

Dutch authorities have told that a partner or spouse of a Dutch national should have valid travel document or passport for getting the residential permit in the Netherlands. In that case, acquiring a residential permit would be more complicated for the imbalanced personal history of Shamima Begum following her escaping plan to marry an Islamic State fighter , and the  Dutch Justice Ministry recently professed that Islamic State-affiliated women and children are always a “long term potential threat ” even though they are not trained and did not participate in rancors. Riedijk told, “ I don’t understand how she would, in any form, be a danger. All she did was she sat in the house for three years.”


Riedijk, who could face six years imprisonment after his return to the Netherlands, is in a Kurdish detention center. Begum was in the Al-Hawl refugee camp in  Syria but recently reported to be elsewhere.

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