An investor has been imprisoned for six months for spiking a salesman and shattering his front teeth in a washroom of the restaurant. In November 2017, the Jordanian investor of 31 years old into the washroom of a Chinese restaurant in Al Muraqqabat and jabbed the Yemeni salesman in his face, because the conclusion had cursed his mother.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the accused from Jordan of devouring alcohol, beating the Yemeni victim and producing him a 5% permanent incapacity in his front teeth.

Leading judge Mohammed Jamal said the accused who urged not guilty, will be expelled. According to the judgement of Sunday, the convict will also pay Dh 21,000 in temporary repayment to the Yemeni victim mental, physical and moral damages.

The victim attested that the convicted pursued him into the washroom at 11.30 pm, where he jabbed him in the mouth. He said, “He looked me straight in the face and asked me if I knew him. The, he suddenly landed a strong punch on my mouth. I lost my balance and fell on the floor and the defendant continued beating me ”.

The witness from Egypt who was dining at the restaurant said he saw a waiter administrating into the washroom after hearing chaos. He said, “ I followed him to the washroom and saw the accused beating the victim”.

An Egyptian woman who sat beside the Yemeni man identified: “ I saw a group of men holding back the defendant and another group was holding the Yemeni, who was bleeding. The victim angrily took his belongings from his table angrily and I heard him cursing the defendant’s mother.”

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