The Investigation Bearwood PCSO Police Chase Death Pushed Accused Man in Court - TNBC UK

A man has presented in court accused with murdering an off-duty PSCO  whose car was collided by a vehicle being followed by police. 28 years old Holly Burke was declared dead at the spot of the clash in Lordswood Road in Birmingham, on Tuesday night.

42 years old Darren Ogom did not make entry an urge to an accusation of triggering death by reckless driving while he appeared in the Court of Birmingham Magistrate. He was resent in custody to be present at the crown court of the city on 21st February.

Mr. Ogom ordered to confirm his name, address, and nationality during a five-minute long hearing. He is charged with causing the death of Ms. Burke while driving a silver Megane Scenic dangerously. According to the police, the vehicle had been linked in a 15-minute police following before it clashed with Ms. Burke’s car “at speed” in the Bearwood area of the city. Ms. Burke had been a police community support officer with West Midlands Police for 14 months. Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson stated the death of Ms. Burke as “truly tragic” and told she was “greatly valued” by the communities and force she served for.

The force told the surrounding circumstances of the crash had been cited to the Independent Officer for Police Conduct which told it has been assembling the evidence including wearings and footage of car.


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