The Huge Number of Lorry Crashes, Pushes Police To Take Move Against Dangerous Driving - TNBC UK

New stock of police patrol vehicle has seized thousands of driving criminals which might otherwise have gone undetected. Highways England initiated the so-called ‘super cabs’ one year ago and claims they are making a big variation distinctly on high-speed roads.

Among the culprits who caught red-handed by the new truck cabs was one trucker visiting at speed with a mobile phone in one hand and a credit card in other. The supercars give police officers the peak they required for observing in the other. The supercars provide police officers the pinnacle they required for seeing inside other vehicles. Twenty-nine forces have utilized them over the past 12 months. They recorded more than 3,500 offenses. Visiting along the M5, West Mercia police officer Dan Evans stated the media, “when lorry drivers see another cab pulling alongside them they often do a double take when they see a police officer. Being able to see them and film them clearly breaking the law provides a great advantage when it comes to proving their guilt. ”

The patrol cabs were initiated following a massive increase in the number of lorry crashes. HGVs makeup nearly 10% of all traffic but are required in 20% of incurable crashes on a road. He added, “we introduced the three new HGV super cabs last year to help keep the roads safe and tackle dangerous driving by people who have either got into bad habits or are simply ignoring the law”.

He also included, “I think it should be a personal choice. If you want to wear a seatbelt wear one, if you don’t… don’t wear one.”

He said, “ we need to reinforce the message about risk. People often think that they won’t have an accident but it can happen… it takes one collision for you to have a fatal casualty on your hands”.

Across the week the supercars are being used to refine safety on the M1 Highways England and emergency services staff will provide free tire checks and security tips at motorway services.

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