According to the charities, the benefits system of Universal Credit card is compelling some women to be connected with the sexual network. BBC has listened from five charities and organizations of England who talks about the increasing numbers of women who are connected with a credit system with this UC scenario.

The MP for Birkenhead, Frank Field also told the MPs in October, as a result of UC “ some women have taken to the red-light district for the first time”.

According to the government, “No-one has to face hardship on Universal Credit”. A woman named “Julie” from Merseyside never thought that she would have to be connected to the network.

But the single mum had to wait for eight weeks for the first payment after transferring from her previous benefits forced her to be desperate, so while she got an offer for sex with £30 she took it. Asking for her real name not to be used Julie said, “It’s something I never ever thought I would be ever capable of doing. So I’m, like, very disappointed in myself and ashamed in myself.”

The Work and Pension Secretary, Esther McVey told steps needed to be taken for helping them while Mr Field made comments publicly. She said, “Perhaps Mr Field could tell these ladies and the work coaches can that now we have got record job vacancies – 830,000 job vacancies – and perhaps there are other jobs on offer”.

Following the initiation of UC in his constituency in November 2017 Mr Field told to the BBC he had not received any contact from the government since referring to the issue in the parliament. He said, “Women turning to sex work is] an absolute indictment of welfare reform… it seems that you couldn’t get a worse result”.

A number of critics of the new system of benefits payment professed their opinion about the negative side of the system and told that most of the people are forced to wait for weeks for getting their first payments and the government made an apology for their “faults” in the initiation of the schemes.

In the interview with Radio 4’s you and your, single mum, Julie said that the hanging up forcing her to be turned to sex work. She said, “I didn’t go out looking for it, I said no at first … it wasn’t until about three weeks later that I said ‘OK, yeah,’ because I thought I need to because I need money”.

She now receives the benefit payments and said “without it, I would be on the streets, I would have no food. I’d have nothing”. The member of Women Wirral Charity, Angela Murphy said tomorrow “Julie was not alone. That’s a very familiar story … the delay [in payments] is massive, how are you supposed to cope?”

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