The charity arranged a plan for helping the victim’s families and wounded survivors of the Manchester Arena Attack for preventing taking donations.

The Fund of We Loves Manchester Emergency has been introduced for waking the blast incident which snatched 22 lives and has handed over more than £20m. Around £3m has been given to the people affected with psychological trauma.

Trustee Edith Conn said:  “The time has arrived when the charity’s work is able to start being scaled down”.

In the last year in May, a suicide bomber blasted on himself in the foyer while Pop star Ariana Grande was performing at the arena at night. The benefit concert of One Love Manchester had been organized by her and acted in the city in the following month helping to raise £7.3m for the fund.

Along with daughter Emily Ruth Murrell had to suffer severe wounds caused by the effect of blast and also spent five weeks in the hospital. She also had to undergo through five major operations.

She said: “The funding we received has enabled us to start re-living our lives again, even though it’s a different type of normal. It’s allowed us to start building new happy memories and do not have to struggle with paying bills. Nobody will ever know how much we appreciate all that people have done for us survivors”.

The benefits of a fund will stop receiving the donations from 31st January as trustees have recommended anyone to raise money in the festive period to submit their donations by the date.

Trustee Edith Conn said: “The fund, by its very nature, was never intended as a permanent charity, but as an urgent response to people’s immediate needs. While its work will continue for some time, as people’s grief, injuries and trauma are ongoing, the time has arrived when the charity’s work is able to start being scaled down”.

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