According to the charity agency of children, after exclusion from the school, the children are at crucial risk as there is a high chance of involving the excluded children in knife crime. The Charity agency Barnardo stated that the excluded children can also be influenced by diverse kind of negative risk factor of the society such as, “ being groomed and exploited by criminal gangs”.

The charity informed that among 47 councils around one in three councils in England, have no arrangements and facilities for forming referral units which can take care of the excluded children.

The government informed a review procedure of school exclusions and the serious impact on the excluded children has been ongoing for considering the entire aspects of exclusion system.

The research campaign which has been conducted along with the collaboration of All-party Parliamentary Group on threat factors of Knife Crime shows a 56% rise in the exclusion matter in England since 2014.

Sarah Jones, the chairman of the group stated that knife crime has been reached at the highest level as per the ratio of the record and “our schools are on the front line”.

She added: “Exclusions are rising and in many cases, there is literally nowhere for those children to go. This is heartbreaking”.

The chief executive of Barnardo Javed Khan said: “We know children excluded from mainstream schools are at serious risk of being groomed and exploited by criminal gangs”.

He also pleaded the government for taking steps for reducing the number of exclusion of pupils from the schools and for development of the alternative assistances so “vulnerable young people get the help they need to achieve of positive future”.

The representative of government said: ”Permanently excluding a child from mainstream school should only ever be a last resort, and we support teachers in making these difficult decisions where they are justified”.

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