Teenagers Who smoke and drink at the age of 17 suffer ill - TNBC UK

Each and everyone knows that smoke and drink are injurious to health. But it is even more injurious to those young girls and boys who consume alcohol and smoke at the age of 17. According to the study, it reveals that those who drink and smoke from the age of 17 they suffer from illnesses that also badly effects in future.  It is said that if the arteries of teenagers who stopped smoking or drinking returned to normal.  

Facts that you must know:-

  • The researchers found that the participants of smoking and drinking habits started at the ages of 13, 15 and 17.
  • The facts include that how many cigarettes they had smoked in their lifetime and at the age, they had started to drink alcohol.
  • It also believes that if the young age people can control over their limits of smoking and drinking they can recover from the diseases that they face later.
  • The study shows that those who smoked more than 100 cigarettes or tended to binge drink had a higher incidence of stiffened arteries than those who had smoked fewer than two drinks per day.
  • According to the Report,  in the large contemporary British crew drinking and smoking in adolescence, even at lower levels compared to those reported in adult studies, is associated with arterial stiffening and atherosclerosis progression.
  • It said that injury to the blood vessels occurs very early in life as a result of smoking and drinking and the two together are even more damaging.
  •  It increases the physical changes which have been linked with risk of heart and blood vessel problems, such as stroke and heart attack in future.
  • However, the researchers predicted that teenagers are smoking less in recent years, our findings. indicated approximately one in five teenagers were smoking by the age of 17.
  • In case if you do drinks, try to maintain the guidelines that recommended as it is very important that consuming less amount of drink and quitting smoke will protect your arteries from damages.

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